Two Ways to
Partner With Us

Adding agricultural mortgages to your service offering not only gives you access to a dynamic sector with tons of business growth opportunity and competitive advantage. No matter how you choose to partner with us, you’ll earn a finders fee for each of your approved clients.

1 Refer your Ag clients to us

We’ll manage the entire deal, from start to finish, including complete brokerage and lending packages to ensure your client gets the right funding for their individual needs.

2 Submit deals to us

Continue to work directly with your clients and submit completed documentation electronically to us.

Submitting a deal is easy!

We work with you every
step of the way.

Step 1:

Complete our brokerage application form

Step 2:

Download our mortgage broker kit

Step 3:

Our team reviews your application

Step 4:

Once accepted, submit the deal electronically through Filogix or Velocity or Finmo/lendesk to Farm Lending Canada


1ST Mortgages

2ND Mortgages

Rates from 10% 

Rates from 12%



2% Base Lender Fee*

Interest Only Payment

Broker Sets Their Fee


Up to 75% LTV

Interest Only Options

Rates from 8.49%

Interest Reserve Options

2% Lender Fee*

Bridge Financing Available

*Rates subject to change

We lend across Canada

Farm Lending Canada lends in all provinces except Quebec, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

Promote Agricultural mortgages for your business with our FREE Broker Kit.

Let your agricultural clients and community know that you offer Agricultural Mortgages.

  • Broker Sheet – including product and rate information.
  • How to Submit a Deal – including information on our unique underwriting process.
  • Brokerage Sign-Up Sheet – an agreement between Lender Broker and Agent.

All mortgages through Farm Lending Canada and its subsidiaries may be brokered through the originating broker and/or Inc. operating as Farm Lending Canada, ON Brokerage #12114. Inc. is a related brokerage, registered in all Canadian provinces except Quebec.