Add Agriculture to your Business Card

As a seasoned mortgage broker, you’re well aware that the world of lending is vast and diverse, with clients from various backgrounds seeking tailored financial solutions. The agricultural sector, in particular, present a unique set of challenges, especially when dealing with complex farming financing needs.

Farm Lending Canada is your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of agricultural financing. With our deep understanding of farming operations, industry dynamics, and the complexities that come with rural ventures, we stand ready to assist you in delivering exceptional solutions for your clients’ unique lending requirements.

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Navigate Your Clients’ Agricultural
Lending Needs With Us

We Provide Financing For:

Operating Capital

Provide farmers with the working capital needed for day-to-day operations including purchasing seeds, fertilizers, equipment maintenance, and labour costs.

Equipment Purchases

Farmers often require specialized equipment, such as tractors, harvesters, and irrigation systems. Equipment loans provide financing for the purchase of lease of these assets.

Solar and Wind Energy Projects

With a focus on sustainability, these loans support the installation of renewable energy systems such as solar panels, wind turbines and biomass facilities on farms.

Farmland Purchases

Agricultural real estate loans are used to purchase, refinance or develop farmland.

Land Tiling and Land Improvements

These loans support on-farm improvements such as building infrastructure (barns, silos, storage facilities for equipment, feed and grain), irrigation systems and other enhancements that contribute to increased productivity and efficiency.


Specialized financial options designed to support the establishment, expansion, or improvement of greenhouse operations.

Agri-Business Financing

Tailored for businesses involved in food processing, packaging, distribution, and other agricultural-related activities. These loans often cover various needs, including expansion, equipment upgrades and working capital.

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Agricultural & Rural Residential Zoning

Starting your journey into the agricultural space offers exciting opportunities, but it begins with a crucial foundation: understanding zoning regulations. If your client approaches you with agricultural zoning or commercial zoning to support agricultural production, we can help.

With Farm Lending Canada’s guidance, you gain unparalleled insights into zoning nuances, property valuations, and financing dynamics.

Who do we lend to?

We work with more than farms. Our clients span any agriculture-related business, as long as it’s zoned agricultural or commercially zoned to support agricultural production – from greenhouses, to cheese factories, to direct retail stores.

We provide capital lending solutions suitable for every stage and situation: traditional financing, alternative financing and bridge financing. No matter where a borrower starts their journey, our ultimate goal is setting clients up for long-term success and transitioning them back to traditional financing.